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The 30-Day Novel - Cover

An 11-step plan to help you write your novel — from blank page to first draft — in 30 days. Get your copy of The 30-Day Novel here.

Planning is great, but sometimes you just need to take action. Get Your Butt in the Chair gives you 33 quick tips to boost your word count TODAY! Download your copy here.


Don’t let writer’s block squash your dreams. Squash it instead with The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Writer’s Block, a compilation of more than 80 of the best block-busters on the web. Download your copy here.

Wikipedia Story Ideas

Find out how to tap into the power of Wikipedia to generate an endless supply of story ideas. Get your free PDF guide here.

Active Verbs

Great writing requires great word choice, and nowhere is that more important than with your verbs. This list of 173 active verbs plus more than 1300 synonyms will make your writing pop and keep your readers glued to the action. Download your free PDF list here.

Ultimate Guide to Writing a Great Story

Writing an awesome story takes more than just a good idea and cranking out a few thousand words to fill it out. You need to consider all the elements that go into a cohesive narrative, and that can be a tough and confusing task. This guide gets you moving in the right direction with more than 100 top-notch articles from 95 experts on the craft of story-writing. Download your free PDF guide here.